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Prayer Intentions

Jun 9 2020

David & Cherie W

We are trying for another baby but have been having some trouble please pray for my wife and me.

Jun 5 2020

Loretta P.

Father Gill, please pray for my brother, Frank Vaccarelli, who is right now having half of his leg amputated due to diabetic complications. He is 82 years old and a very devout Catholic. Thank you

May 24 2020

Betty L. R.

Please pray for my mom who has been declining since a fall and is home bound as a result.

May 21 2020

Pat R.

The Fitzgerald family. He was the construction worker struck by a car on 684 last week.

May 17 2020


Please pray for my grandchildren Sophia and Blake who suffer with mental illness.

May 8 2020


Through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady, St Joseph and all the Saints, I pray that my 29 year old son will talk to his family again.  And, that he will address any deep rooted issues he may have.

April 27 2020

Nona M

Please pray for the soul of “Janet O Dell” who passed away recently.
Thank you

April 26 2020


Please keep Coronvirus away from my family and let it disappear from this world. Please heal my son from his medical issues, as well as my husband and myself. TY.

April 26 2020

Lucyann L

Please pray for my grandson’s fiance who has the virus and is seriously ill with a blood clot in her liver and her kidneys starting to fail.  She is 32.

April 23 2020


My prayer request is that I am asking for blessings for my marriage. Also, I struggle with purity. I am a porn addict, and am in recovery. However, I chronically fall. Thank you so much. God bless you and you are in my prayers too.

April 23 2020

Susan A

Please pray for me and my family.  I have stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to lungs and bones.
Thank you.

April 21 2020


Pls pray for my feet to be healed and myself and family to trust in Jesus and for our conversions.  Thank u.

April 20 2020


To find employment during this troubling time

April 17 2020

Annemarie M

Please pray for my mother LucySmithward.  She is in “very critical” condition with COVID19.  Pray they give her the experimental medication she needs, and that she experience a complete recovery.

God bless you and StLawrence O’Toole Parish.

April 5 2020


Please pray for my daughter, Mackenzie, who is a nurse in Denver, Colorado.  She is currently assigned to the Covid19 floor of Denver Health Medical Center.

April 4 2020

Maria G

A Prayer for my family, my son and son in law that lost their jobs, my grandsons, daughter
My extended family to protect them
For the good people of the world.. for my parents and relatives who have died.. for their welcome entry into Gods heavenly kingdom and that they will pray for us as well..

March 29 2020


Please pray for my son ND who is starting to be unwell that he does not have coronavirus as well as my husband KD and so myself as well. TY

March 22 2020

Susan M. D.

For Alice McKeever and all the elderly on lock down in their assisted and senior living facilities.

May 20 2020


Please pray for my family to be reunited and at peace with the love of Christ. Amen.

December 2 2019


Prayer for my grandma’s soul rest in peace
Prayer for my dad’s better health and better life.plz heal him with love and care.bless my dad’s whole body with good health.make his fistula successful on hand and make it work properly for life long.plz god bless dad he’s thinking a lot taking lot of stress plz bless my dad’s mind.make improvement in him n make him feel better.my dad is feeling low and he weakness in him plz bless him with good health n better life
Prayer for my mom’s and husband’s better health and better life n his conversion into Christianity

April 28 2019

Maria T

Please heal my very painful arm & give me full functionality again.  Thank you.

Mar 31 2019


I need to be out of financial debt. Also prayers for my son to meet a nice Catholic girl that will love him and his son for his kindness and goodness and for him to be going back to church. He was hurt deeply and has a son who is a darling for him to grow up healthy and happy and be on a good path.